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Barbecue Brings Brothers Together


Zachary Ostravich, a senior Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management student, took the day off to spend time with his fraternity brothers while hosting a recruitment event at his house. recruitment

The event consisted of downtime with his brothers playing cornhole, grilling burgers and hot dogs, and enjoying the little amount of sunshine Lincoln saw this past weekend.  “It’s a great way to be with friends and family and enjoy the day off,” said Ostravich. He wanted to take advantage of what he claimed would probably be the last good weather weekend of the summer, ironic since we saw over four inches of rain this weekend.last good weather weekend

Ostravich is a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, a smaller fraternity on campus that came back to UNL’s campus just three years ago.  They don’t have a formal house on campus, so their events typically take place outside of campus boundaries.  This particular event was a recruiting one for the group, so a fun grill out sounded like the perfect way to meet some potential members.

The sizzle of the burgers grilling buzzed in the background as the boys played cornhole.  Tension filled the air as the score tightened between team black and team red.  The names, though unoriginal, were based on the color of the bean bags each team threw.  Team black won in the end, but it was close. 

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Intense cornhole in process

Two new potential members were at the barbeque Ostravich told me and one he was certain would join that very day.  The grill-out idea made it easier to connect to one another and the members appreciated a calm environment to get to know one another and enjoy the sunny afternoon.enjoy the sunny afternoon

“We’re celebrating Labor Day which is a holiday to celebrate people who work,” Ostravich said but instead of spending the weekend at the lake or downtown with his other friends, he decided to spend the rare day off with a group of guys that he was given as extra brothers.

It may not have been the normal Labor Day weekend weather wise, but Sigma Alpha Mu decided to embrace all of its beauty and take in some quality brotherhood time.