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Battle Royale: An Exploding New Gaming Genre


Screen Shot 2018 11 15 at 8.10.36 PM 300x229 - Battle Royale: An Exploding New Gaming Genre Video games of all kinds have grown immensely in popularity, recognition and coverage in the media. The Esports scene has seen a boom in the involvement of new video games and increased participation. Prizes in the Esports community have also seen a tremendous increase with the highest first-place prize being $24,687,919 at a DOTA 2 international tournament in 2017 according to Vox.
But one of the most noticeable changes in video gaming has come with the introduction of the Battle Royale genre. These types of games consist of dropping into a large map by the means of an airplane or another vehicle and simply being pitted against all other players in the game, usually 100 players total. One of the first major installments for the genre has been PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game was based off a military shooter game and tries to give a realistic experience.
Another game that came out shortly after the full release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been Fortnite. Similar to PUBG, but less realistic and on the cartoony side, Fortnite has seen a lot of publicity in social media and media coverage in general. This is one of the most popular games at this time and has caused a shift in video game production.
With the outstanding success of Fortnite, many other game series like Battlefield have included this as a game mode when they did not consider including this game mode previously. The newer game mode has offered gamers a new and unique experience that other game developers are attempting to take advantage of.
Even the long-standing game series Call of Duty has included a new Battle Royale game mode. Many people, such as Michael Roth, a casual gamer, to rethink the franchise. “Even though it is still essentially the same game as ones produced in recent years, the new game mode has almost given the game a new perspective and life as more viable option than before.”
Wesley Unger, a student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, has also shown a revived interest in the same gaming franchise. “The new game mode is so good and the best Battle-Royale game that I’ve played. Call of Duty is known for the smooth and fast-paced gameplay that I think is really well-suited for the game mode.” The clips below feature some of Wesley’s personal gameplay.
Not only has this genre revived Wesley’s love for a game franchise that made him get into gaming in the first place, but it has influenced him to form a campus organization around these kinds of games. Wesley has recently started a club on campus called The UNL Battle Royale Club with the hopes of attracting gamers with the same interests he has.
In the clips we can briefly see how the inventory works, how effective the gunplay is and get a good visualization of the circular wall that moves inward and keeps players engaging in battle.
There seems to be no slowing down in sight for the rising popularity this gaming genre has experienced, as well as the gaming community as a whole.