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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lincoln in need of volunteers


Heartland: Big Brothers Big Sisters is undergoing some big changes. After having the same name and brand identity for 20 years, the company is rebranding across the country as the organization struggles to find volunteers to be bigs. Here in Lincoln alone there are over 100 kids on the waiting list.


The national organization decided to go in a new direction and it has been in the works for over a year now. They have created a new logo that would give the organization a fresh and dynamic new look. The local chapter here in Lincoln was lucky enough to participate in the rebranding and has changed its name in an effort to recruit new volunteers, clarify who the brand is and what community they serve. The chapter will be taking on the new name Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln as opposed to is predecessor Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Kiersten Hill, executive director of the local chapter says she hopes this change will help localize and help the community understand that they are here to serve them.

Here Kiersten Hill talk about the need for Bigs

Though this change is aimed at recruiting millennials to volunteer, the organization says anyone can be a big.


Mentors are only required to spend 4 to 6 hours a month with their little. Matches can make up their own schedule to meet on the weekends or after school for activities. This will give bigs a chance to provide inspiration to their littles.


Veronica and Olivia, a big little pair have been matched for over six years.


Olivia says she is really blessed and lucky to have Veronica in her life and spending just a few hours a week together is really special to her.


“My favorite part about having a little is honestly just having another person in my life,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun to try new things with somebody.”


The Big Brothers Big Sisters website encourages people 19 and older to think about volunteering as it provides a special partnership between two members of the community and offers the opportunity for them to be a role model in a young person’s life.


Veronica, Olivia’s big, wants people to understand how many kids are really in need of a mentor in our community.


“It doesn’t have to cost anything. Sometimes we spend money on activities we do, but we do a lot of hanging that doesn’t cost anything,” she said.


The matching process is handled with care at BBBS. They will match based on interest and things in common. So, if a little is interested in sports then they will be matched with a big who enjoys sports or if the little is a book worm they would be happy to match them with a big who loves to read.


Becoming a big is an easy process that could lead you to a lifelong friendship. You can click the link below to see all the steps.



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lincoln holds orientation meetings every first Saturday and every second Wednesday of the month at 6201 Havelock Avenue in you would like to apply in person.


You can also apply online at https://aim.bbbs.org/einquiry/einquiryzip.aspx?t=2