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Camping out for Frost

UNL Senior Noah Robeson with a Channel 8 news reporter about his diehard fandom before the Nebraska vs. Akron football game.

It was just after seven o’clock and the weather was perfect for camping, but this was a different type of camping. One senior at the University of Nebraska has made himself known as a diehard Huskers fan, especially for football, but for the first game under new head coach, Scott Frost, this man took it to another level.


Noah Robeson, a senior education major arrived at Memorial Stadium a short while after 7:00 PM, on Friday, August 31, 2018, 24 hours before kickoff of the season opener for the Huskers, with his five-dollar sleeping bag ready to camp. Robeson waited outside Gate 24 of Memorial Stadium patiently, where students with East Stadium tickets are let inside to show their devotion to the Huskers. Robeson really believed that this season would be the start of something new.


The view for senior Noah Robeson for the next 20 hours as he camps outside Gate 24 of Memorial Stadium

The weather looked somewhat questionable heading into game week, but little did Robeson know, he was about to be a part of Nebraska history as he waited patiently for Scott Frost’s first tunnel walk as the head coach at Nebraska. “Although my friends knew I was crazy enough to wait the night outside of Memorial, I still wanted to show my true fandom for Frost and his new staff,” Robeson said.


His fandom has never wavered, as he has been a diehard fan for as long as he can remember. He’s been through it all: Texas defeating Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship Game; Both the Callahan and Riley coaching eras; and three mediocre seasons as a student at Nebraska. But Robeson’s fandom never wavered, even when the program struggles, you can expect the full devotion to Husker football from him.


The students are allowed inside memorial stadium an hour before the general public is. That day, the time was 4:30 PM, and the students were let into Memorial Stadium, as a rush for the front row for those who have waited hours outside their gates to get inside. Some brought card tables and poker chips to pass time, others would play catch with a football. But, for Robeson, he would just sit and wait, and occasionally check his iPhone for score updates across the college football world, waiting to see his beloved Huskers take on the Zips from Akron, OH.


Robeson’s red balloon that he hoped to release when the Huskers score their first touchdown, a Nebraska Football tradition.

As time passed inside the stadium, the clouds started to roll in, but Robeson had faith he would see his Huskers play for the first time in their new campaign. The 90-minute clock started as Huskers started to come out of the tunnel to warm up. Then, 20 minutes left until kickoff, and the band starts their festivities. It was almost time for gameday at Memorial Stadium. The band left the field, and the HuskerVision screen rolls the intro video. The next live shot you saw on the video board is new head coach, Scott Frost leading his team out of those prestigious gates onto Tom Osborn Field. The crowd went wild, as the band started to play, and the Huskers have finally taken the field. It had been a full day since Robeson stood outside Memorial Stadium, waiting for this moment, but he would have to wait another week to watch his favorite college football team play, because Nebraska canceled their home opener for the first time in program history.