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Dedicated to his craft


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The words “day off” are not used in Seth Hadenfelt’s vocabulary. On Labor Day Weekend, Hadenfelt works on his current project.

For most University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, as soon as the teacher says “see ya later” they bolt out the door like the building is on fire. They pivot their minds towards a weekend full of tailgating, football and relaxing. Then there is Seth Hadenfelt. His school work is part of his weekend hobbies.


Hadenfelt, of Lincoln, NE is a 21-year-old, majoring in interior design. Over Labor Day Weekend he devoted his time to working on his latest project – a basement for the for a to-be-named artist residency.  On the average weekend, Hadenfelt will dedicate over eight hours of his time to this project.


Hadenfelt’s group plans to renovate the basement into a concert venue that will include two wooden bars and other amenities.  This is a project his group hopes to have done by the end of the semester.


It only takes a quick look at Hadenfelt’s desk inside Architecture Hall to realize his passion for creative design. His desk is covered with sketches of plans for the concert venue project and other scratches.

Seth Photo 1 300x225 - Dedicated to his craft
Hadenfelt points out the bar area he is designing for the concert venue. He hopes this will really “wow” his clients.

The concert venue project is only one thing on Hadenfelt’s long list of things to do.


Some of the projects he works on outside the classroom are what he is proudest of. In the past year, Hadenfelt has designed multiple furniture sets, including an L-shaped wood bench that sits on the balcony of his apartment. The inspiration for the design came from a wood-working book by Nick Offerman. Hadenfelt said the book made him want to “drop everything and work.”


In addition to the bench, he has constructed lamps, end tables, and picture frames.

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Nobody ever said crafting furniture is a clean job. Hadenfelt proudly sits on a chair made of plywood he made last summer.


While creating his personal work, Hadenfelt does not like silence. He says he likes to have music – mostly hip hop – or some kind of interview podcast going in the background. This helps Hadenfelt keep his mind active when he reaches a lull.


Hadenfelt will graduate at the end of the semester with a degree in interior design. However, his dreams and education will not stop there.