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Gameday traditions, just as exciting as the game

The Sea of Red in Memorial Stadium at the Nebraska vs. Akron game on Sept. 1, 2018.

Football game-day in Nebraska is like a holiday for the state. It comes six times a year, sometimes seven, and it brings the state together like no other event during the year. Many students feel that game day brings the best out of Lincoln, like UNL junior Annie Decero.

Nebraska football has been around since the beginning for the University of Nebraska. Some students come to the school for the tradition of Husker football, students like Ryan Dornbusch. Dornbusch said he couldn’t wait to experience it himself after hearing lots of stories growing up. He said he can’t wait to continue a great tradition he has with his friend and game-day companion, Alex Baker, this season.

Baker and Dornbusch met their freshmen year after living in Neihardt together. The two said they are inseparable and haven’t been since they met. Game-days for them include cheering on the Big Red and making their famous queso dish for their friends.

Dornbusch also loves the opportunity to experience the game with his brothers in Sigma Nu. He said that the group of brothers walking to the stadium together and shouting the occasional “Go Big Red!” is something he looks forward to each game-day.

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Husker fans make their way to Memorial Stadium for the game against Akron on Sept. 1.

But both Baker and Dornbusch said they love the atmosphere that game-day brings. While both have different aspects of game-day they enjoy the most, there is one thing that puts a little pep into the crowd of Memorial Stadium: The Cornhusker Marching Band.

Baker said he loves how the band makes such a difference in the game and while the band can be somewhat under-appreciated, here at Nebraska, the fans seem to give the band a lot of love.

The game-day experience for the “Pride of All Nebraska” starts very early in the day. The band gets together hours before the game to practice one last time to make sure everything is perfect to perform for the 90,000 fans in Memorial Stadium.

Haley Nelson is a member of color guard for the Cornhusker Marching Band and gets to perform in pregame and half-time shows. She said that being a part of the band is an experience like no other.

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Junior Haley Nelson creates an “N” to show her school spirit.


For Nelson, a typical game-day starts pretty early and lasts quite a while. But for Nelson, it is all about the experience and the memories she is making along the way. One of her favorite parts of marching band is the tradition of pregame. Nebraska is the birthplace of college football halftime shows and Nelson radiates pride in her school for it.

One of Nelson’s favorite memories of Husker football dates back to her freshmen year where she stood 10 feet from the Huskers touchdown that secured the win for Nebraska against the Oregon Ducks. She felt it was a once in a lifetime experience and something she will never forget.

For all four of these fans, the game day isn’t about winning or about who has the better record. At the end of the day, these fans love to celebrate the memories they make cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.