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Jackbox brings fun and games to AGN fraternity

A group of AGN members concentrate on the questions from Jackbox.

Friday night was quite the night for men in the Alpha Gamma Nu, or AGN, fraternity as they hosted a night of fun and games for all. The game of the night was Jackbox and it was sure to keep people entertained.

The fraternity got a turnout of around twenty people to come and play games, specifically Jackbox. Jackbox is a game played through a gaming console such as an Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but players hook their phones up to the game so up to eight players can play.

Minigames on Jackbox include trivia with a twist, finishing jokes, and making your own funny t-shirts. This version of game has taken off

IMG 2324 e1538103770431 225x300 - Jackbox brings fun and games to AGN fraternity
Senior Stuart Seys attempts to answer a trivia question on Jackbox. This game is hot on college campuses and is spreading rapidly.

and has become quite the rage at colleges and parties in general. This is because of how many people can be involved in the game as well as it is fun to watch if someone is not playing.

“I had a great time,” KC Bitterman, a junior math major, said. “I got to meet some great new people, new faces and got to show them how good of a time we can have. It was a really cool experience to see how close people can get in a matter of hours just talking to each other and hanging out.”

Bitterman wasn’t the only one who had fun. Brett Wiens, a senior finance major, won the games and was ecstatic after his victory.

“Mid-way through I was in last place, but I persevered came back and got first,” Wiens said. “My perseverance [is what got me the win, and] just being better [than everyone else].”

IMG 2323 e1538103712944 225x300 - Jackbox brings fun and games to AGN fraternity
Junior Caleb Nigrin struggles to pick the correct answer in a game of Jackbox.

While these friends had a good time, it would not have been possible without the hard work of a few people to put the event together. It was not easy putting everything together as there were many moving parts such as ordering pizza, bringing a console that had the game and being able to get the word out.

In fact, the games were almost cancelled as the person who was going to provide the game backed out at the last minute.

“It was a challenge getting everything coordinated” Austin Staebell, a senior mechanical engineering major, said. “The guy who had the game could not come so we had to find a guy who had it last minute. It was a mess but luckily we found someone.”

Thanks to Staebell’s hard work, many were able to enjoy their Friday night at AGN and come away from the night gaining some new friendships.