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Art history degree meets art history museum

The entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Labor Day 2018

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Sweets’ admission ticket into the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jennifer Sweet, a recent college graduate moved to New York City to embrace her creativeness and explore her two passions; art and fashion.

Sweet graduated from the University of Minnesota in December of 2017 with a degree in art history.

Since moving to New York, she spends weekends exploring local art shows, thrift shopping or trying new restaurants. “I never get bored here, around every corner there is a new place to explore. There is an overflowing amount of inspiration.”

“Aside from visiting small art galleries, I have really enjoyed taking time to explore some of the large museums New York City has to offer.”  The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum are a few that she has visited.


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The entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Labor Day 2018

This past labor, Sweet escaped the New York humidity and took a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “The MET had been on my bucket list since I moved here three months ago, I’m surprised it has taken me so long, but what a perfect day to be inside.” Said Sweet.

The MET had several exhibitions on display over the weekend, including History Refused to Die, Obsession and the infamous Heavenly Bodies exhibit.

“Going into the museum, I was extremely excited to see the Heavenly Bodies exhibit.” Stated Sweet. The Heavenly Bodies exhibit was the theme and feature during the 2018. Sweet shares that she has always been a fan of the MET Gala. She loves watching the celebrities walk the red carpet and has always been curious about what the event was like.

The Heavenly Bodies exhibit examines fashion’s ongoing engagement with Catholicism. “This exhibit really intrigued me because it encapsulated art and fashion, two things I love dearly.” Said Sweet.


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Sweets’ favorite piece of the Heavenly Bodies exhibit.

Inside there are 40 different pieces on display, each having a unique history and appearance. The exhibit is designed with a pilgrimage in mind. The journey begins with fashions from Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, inspired by ancient religious art and architecture.It continues into fashion that references the church’s hierarchies and gender distinctions, including nuns and priests.

Sweet took her time walking through the gallery rooms, carefully reading about and observing each piece. She was intrigued by each piece.

Using her knowledge and education influenced how she perceived each exhibit. Sweet shares that she was surprised by how well organized and fluid the museum felt. She thoroughly enjoyed the variety of exhibits and how they were curated.

“Visiting the MET may become a Labor Day tradition” says Sweet.