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Making goals a reality on campus

Wesley typing the group's constitution that will lay the foundation for the group
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Wesley typing the group’s constitution that will lay the foundation for the group

Wesley has been spending many hours each week on starting up a new club on the UNL campus. Wesley took the time over this summer to contemplate what he wants to accomplish during his college career. After spending most of the summer in thought, he decided creating a new group on campus was one thing he wanted to accomplish.

Wesley always already had his own personal interest in video games, but had realized how diverse and interesting the online community is becoming. Now that the gaming community has grown to be so widespread, he saw it a viable option to create a new group geared toward gamers. With no other groups on campus that represented the segment of the online community he feels he belongs to, he had the perfect opportunity to oversee his own club.

Feeling confident about heading the new UNL Battle Royale Club, Wesley hopes to attract others on campus who share his interest in the gaming community. His current goal with the group is to attract casual gamers who simply want to make new connections. The group will schedule small events where members can play the same games like Halo Fornite, PUBG and Call of Duty together. Once the group has grown to become more diverse, Wesley would like to create teams that perform well enough to compete in tournaments against teams from other campuses.

With the recent publication of the group’s constitution, Wesley’s goals are starting to fulfill themselves. Anticipating a quick publishing of the constitution, Wesley is already expecting having to move up his goals for the group, accommodating quick growth. The group has already attracted more than 10 promising members before submission of the constitution, with a new person being interested just about every other day. However, Wesley still understands he will need patience in order to see the group fulfill his plans.

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