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Student shows love for music through club involvement


Bridget Sayles, Senior fashion design and fashion merchandising major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) found hope after being inducted into UNL’s newest a capella group, The Red Keys. The group has been active for a year and a half and has grown exponentially since its creation.

Sayles spent three years auditioning for a capella groups on campus before receiving a call back. When she heard about the auditions for The Red Keys through advertising around campus, she was hoping she would be able to assist in the growth of the newly-formed club. “Don’t give up, I could have easily given up, but I kept trying,” Sayles said.

Since joining, Sayles has participated in sorority events, fundraisers for the Alumni Association and has been given the opportunity to perform numerous solos. “This year we have grown to be the largest we have been in the last four semesters,” she said. “With 17 members, we are beginning to understand the fundamentals of running a club on campus.”

Toni Pino, UNL student, founded the group when she was a freshman. The original group included six members, one being co-founder, Drew Spadaro. The two have continued to work hard on making the group what it is today. After promoting for the auditions, the group grew to 11 members, including Sayles. Pino too has a passion for music and created The Red Keys to help inspire others in college.

The Red Keys will perform at ‘A capella Night’ Nov. 16 alongside the five a capella groups on campus. The fundraiser will cost $5 at the door and profits will be split between the groups. The Red Keys will also have two other fundraisers this semester, including the Red Dress Gala. “The Red Keys have a lot in store, but they’re all under wraps,” she said. “Stay tuned.”