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The Weekly Grind: Nov. 4 – Nov. 10


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Huskers men’s basketball crushes Mississippi Valley State in season opener

The 2018-2019 Nebraska men’s basketball team is projected to be one of the most talented teams in school history. They surely showed that talent Nov 6 when they nearly beat the school record for largest margin of victory by defeating Mississippi Valley State 106-37. (Lincoln Journal Star)

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James Palmer Jr. drives the ball during the men’s season opener (photo courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star)

Winter, it’s Nov. 8…You can go away now

Snow fell earlier in the day than expected, catching many Lincoln residents off guard Thursday morning. The flurries of one to two inches were enough to slick roads and cause accidents. Guys … we are Midwesterners — we are better than this. We all better prepare because this was just a little appetizer of what is sure to come in later months. (1011 Now)

Here are four things to know after Nebraska midterm elections

Nebraska remains a red state after top office positions were swept by the GOP. Voters approve Medicaid expansion, extending coverage to 90,000 Nebraskans with low-paying jobs. Lincoln said “yes” to mayoral term limits, and the voter turnout in Nebraska exceeded previous midterm elections. (Lincoln Journal Star)

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A shooting in a country music bar in Thousand Oaks, California, leaves 12 dead

A gunman fired shots into a crowd at a country music bar, popular with college students, on Nov 7. Many of the victims were present at the shooting in Las Vegas at a country music festival last year. The shooter, a Marine Corps veteran, killed 12 and left dozens injured. (New York Times)

Jeff Sessions resigns as U.S. attorney general per Trump’s request

Sessions’ resignation comes as no surprise to most. His relationship with the president has been a rocky one ever since he recused himself from controlling the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump tweeted that Matthew Whitaker would be Sessions’ temporary replacement, sparking concerns that the president may be trying to control the special counsel probe. (Washington Post)

GOP and Democratic victories result in divided Congress

Democrats gained control of the House, while the GOP remained in control of the Senate. Democrats also won a number of important governor races, but Republicans were also victorious in a number of crucial swing states needed for a Trump re-election campaign. (New York Times)

Federal judge orders all work on Keystone XL pipeline to temporarily stop

Work on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is going to be suspended after new information was brought to the table suggesting that the pipeline might not even be needed. (Lincoln Journal Star)

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The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline plan (photo courtesy of zerohedge)


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Mexico moves to make medical marijuana legal

Sen. Olga Sanchez claimed a bill to legalize the use and commercialization of medical marijuana in Mexico will be presented to Congress very soon. If the bill is passed, Mexico will become the most populous country to legalize medical marijuana. The legalization could lower crime rates and create a new industry for Mexico. (Reuters)

Peace talks between Taliban and Afghans are conducted publicly in Moscow

Russia organized a conference between the Taliban delegation and Afghanistan High Peace Council Nov. 9. Both sides made it clear this was not a formal negotiation and no substantial change came from the outcome, but the event marked a significant diplomatic victory for Moscow. (ABC News)

The ‘Night of Broken Glass’ remembered in vivid detail 80 years later

A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor remembers the events that unfolded 80 years ago on the night of Nov. 9, 1938. Members of the Nazi Party — and ordinary German citizens — took to the streets on Kristallnacht, or the “Night of Broken Glass,” to terrorize Jews living in Germany and Austria, going so far as killing at least 91 people and destroying nearly 8,000 Jewish businesses. The Kristallnacht is considered by many to be the beginning of the Holocaust (Breitbart).

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UNL Honors Program changes peer mentor program

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Honor Program has extended its peer mentor program and will now focus on four categories, including diversity and global engagement, service learning and civic engagement, health and wellness and academics and professional development. The program changes are in hopes of creating more leadership and educational opportunities for honors students. (Daily Nebraskan)

Less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday chaos is well underway

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. For some, that means mashed potatoes and gravy. For others, that means waiting in line for a flat screen TV that’s half-priced. Black Friday ads are out and Forbes compares two of the most popular shopping destinations during the holiday season: Target and Walmart. (Forbes)

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Dec 2, features ethnically diverse models

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place Nov. 8, but will not be aired on television until Dec. 2. The catwalk was noted for featuring top models from all over the world and artists such as Shawn Mendes and Halsey. If you can’t wait until December, Vogue posted all the top looks online. (Vogue)

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Kendall Jenner walks the Victoria Secret runway (photo courtesy of Popsugar)

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President Trump bans CNN reporter from White House

During a press conference on Nov. 7, President Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta ran into tensions after Acosta tried asking the president questions about the migrant caravan from Central America and the Mueller investigation. Acosta refused to give the microphone away and President Trump banned CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta from returning to the White House after a calling him a “rude, terrible person.” (NBC News)

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