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The Weekly Grind: Oct. 7-13


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Drink in the week’s most important stories — all in one place. In the time it takes to complete your first cup of coffee, we’ve got all the brews to keep you caffeinated.

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NU employees can expect a health care revamp next year
Next year, health insurance premiums will drop by 2 percent for Nebraska employees, who can also expect expanded coverage plans. This is one change of many that will come from Nebraska’s switch to UMR, a United Health Care company. (Lincoln Journal Star)

Local Nebraska man spends life chasing antique cars

 Ron Doan,94, has been collecting antique cars and toys for almost half his life. At his age, he can’t enjoy them like his used to. He wants to share that joy with others and to accomplish this, Doan is having an auction late this week. (Lincoln Journal Star)

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If there is a blue wave, women are most likely behind it

Democratic women are favored to win 68 of the 211 House races. Women only hold 20 percent of the seats in Congress, and chances are good that they will see gains in the House. Politico used its race ratings to predict how likely it is women will surpass their current count of 107 seats in Congress – 84 in the House and 23 in the Senate. (Politico)

How exactly has Hurricane Michael ravaged the East Coast?
Winds: 155 mph. Deaths: 11. Folks without homes: 1.6 million. The list goes on, and it’s not pretty. See the updated numbers here. (ABC News)Michael2 300x225 - The Weekly Grind: Oct. 7-13


More on Michael: Scientists say that global warming is playing its part in recent tropical tragedies

So, how did Michael get so dangerous? Could it have been prevented? Scientists may have the answer, and it starts with global warming. (Washington Post)

Kanye’s White House visit included a rap for Trump
Kanye rapped for Donald Trump and shared his admiration for the president. Trump said Kanye could be a future presidential candidate.Kanye 300x225 - The Weekly Grind: Oct. 7-13

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Video may show that Saudis interrogated, tortured and killed Washington Post journalist
A Jamal Khashogi disappeared earlier this month, and now Turkey is claiming to have video and recording evidence that Saudis had everything to do with it. It’s unclear if US officials have seen the video, but the investigation is ongoing.
(Washington Post)

Will banning pornography in Nepal stop the rape crisis? Critics are not impressed

After a 13-year-old girl was raped and killed in western Nepal this past summer, a tipping point was reached. In the past five years, sexual assault has risen up to 60 percent and the Nepal government has come up with a solution, one they’ve tried before, banning pornography. Critics of the ban believe it isn’t enough, but the government argues that with stricter bands, fines and better software to block the sites, it should have long lasting effects. (The New York Times)

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13th Street will be transformed Oct. 21-24
The $150,000 project will make quick work of 13th street, changing the four one-way lanes to three: one heading south, one heading north, and a turning lane in between. Commuters should expect delays. (Lincoln Journal Star)

Old wounds are opened as Germany plans for new museum

The Humboldt Forum is a new museum opening in Berlin, Germany in 2019. The Forum is meant to bring life to Germany’s colonial era, but many protesters are critical and believe the Forum is surpassing the dark side of German history. One of the founders, Horst Bredekamp, is pushing back against the critics saying that they misinterpret what the museum represents and that’s German scientific enlightenment and exploration. (The New York Times)

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These ski mountaineers are the first to drop from the summit

Sitting beside Mount Everest is the fourth highest mountain in the world. Lhotse rises to 8,516 meters (27,940 feet) and has never been skied down from the summit, until now. Hilaree Nelson, 45, and Jim Morrison, 43, completed the route on Sept 30 — the first to ever do so. (National Geographic)

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Watch: Moving video of Nike surprising runner with cerebral palsy with a contract

Nike surprised Oregon runner Justin Gallegos last week at the finish line of his race with a contract, making him the first athlete with cerebral palsy to be a signed Nike athlete. It happened Oct. 6: World Cerebral Palsy Day. (Sports Illustrated)Nike 300x169 - The Weekly Grind: Oct. 7-13

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